Sunday, May 6, 2012

Nail tips

 Nail tips are used to extend the existing nail length and to produce a desired shape or just want a longer nail to decorate on top of. They are available in many styles to accommodate most nail shapes and to suit particular client preferences. You will find that some clients like a french white tip to produce a french manicure look whilst others prefer a more Natural look.

  Pre-designed tips are extremely popular but great care needs to be taken when you are shaping them. To apply properly you should use adhesive before overlaying the tips with a nail system. Pre designed tips will save you time and will also save you money too so they are definitely worth having in stock.

  To apply  nail tips, first apply a very small bead of nail glue into the tip's well ensuring that it spreads to the edges of the well. Then place the tip onto the free edge quickly and smoothly to avoid air bubbles being visible and allow ten minutes for tips to bond. Cut the tips using Nail Tip Cutter to required length and file to desired shape and length.

Nail tips advantages:
  • Safe to use
  • Apply nail tips in seconds anywhere you go
  • Save time (no need for lenghthy appointments at a nail salon)
  • The most affordable manicure and pedicure ever
  • Easily replace damaged nail tips
  • Nail tips are easy to apply, easy to remove!
  • Lasts weeks on toenails and up to 48 hours on fingernails

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